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The need for counselling services

You may sometimes feel you have no control over what, who or where you are, so can barely manage by holding on to what’s familiar. Everything can feel ‘too much’ and you take refuge in a lonely place of isolation. Through fear of rejection, we often deny our own needs and put on a different mask rather than show our true feelings.

Overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness and anger can remain buried deep within us for a long time (even from childhood). They can unconsciously pattern our perceptions, personality and behaviour into adulthood and throughout our lives.

One-to-one counselling services

Everyone is a unique individual, meaning, of course, that no two people are the same. Depending upon the presenting issue/problem, I will use whichever counselling approach that is most befitting and suitable for your needs.

At your pace, we shall work together ensuring the right measure of support and useful challenge is provided, so that you may come to safely access, explore and to work through difficult and deeper feelings, within the space and freedom given in which to find a clearer understanding of yourself. Through the process, finding a clearer perspective around who, what and where you currently stand in life against that of who, what and where you want to be in the future, and what challenges, choices and changes lay in between. Such understanding and reflective self-awareness is the springboard for enlightened clarity, giving the potential for different perspectives, new insights, and a greater sense of self-empowerment, direction and a healthier balance of emotional wellbeing to arrive.

Initial consultation - what happens

I recommend an initial meeting counselling consultation. We will both have questions of each other – I need to know about you and you will need to know about me. Time will be given to both.

Apart from taking on board your story and addressing your questions and any concerns, I shall note some information about you. My notes are strictly confidential and will not be kept on a computer.

Based upon this information, we can discuss the immediate focus for therapy and I will suggest how we might best work together. Conversely, if I do not feel that I am the right therapist to help with your particular issue(s), I will endeavour to direct you to an appropriate agency or recommend another specialist.

Sessions are for 50 minutes and usually take place on a weekly basis, occurring at the same place and time. Should you decide that you would like for us to continue working together, we shall agree an initial number of sessions, which can then be reviewed.

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